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  1. Excellent dinner in beautiful surroundings with attentive service. The incredible Italian food made this an unforgettable experience. I’ll be back for more of this delicious Italian food.
    Chef gets a thumbs up!

  2. The service received at Nona restaurant was splendid—warm welcome from all of the staff.
    The food is not to be brushed aside, my friends and I ordered the Pizza Nona which was amazing – as well as the margarita pizza, a classic, both cooked to perfection.
    Overall a great experience and I would definitely recommend you come here.

  3. Amazing food. We had the mushroom and margarita pizza. Best pizza i’ve had in a long time. Very homey vibes, good to go for a drink.

  4. I visited Nona today, the food, decor, service was all amazing would definitely come again and recommend this place to anyone thinking about coming here

  5. Amazing portions and price! Everything was delicious and the atmosphere was authentic. Everyone was very welcoming and the service was 10/10
    Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for somewhere nice and will be coming again soon!

  6. Restaurant revamp is great with great updates to the presentation and taste of their dishes. Excellent service! Our neighborhood choice.

  7. Nona is my new favourite local restaurant! Having almost booked three other local Italian restaurants and then being put off for various reasons, I finally found Nona – so glad I did! Very friendly little restaurant that was buzzing on a Thursday night. Very generous portions of excellent food at incredibly reasonable prices. Pizza and risotto were both superb! Three very satisfied customers, and I for one will certainly be coming back. A lovely evening with incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Top marks!

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